Good SERVICE does not have to be overpriced!

Other competitors have premium prices, we prefer to have premium service at favourable pricing!

Fairness is an important factor for us and therfore we work customer orientated with understandable and tranparent costs.

We cover all aspects of Computer Support and Computer Maintenance.

We have been providing computer maintenance and computer services for many years and our experience in computing stretches back over 15 years.
We specialise in business computer support, home workers and home users. We come to you in order to maintain your computers and networks although we have the facilities at our office for more complex tasks, when necessary.

Our philosophy is one of preventative maintenance, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of health checking, tune ups, data integrity audits and regular support contracts.

Support can be provided on site, off site, by telephone, email or remote connection to your systems.

For those unplanned moments, we offer an emergency callout service where a trained professional will endeavour to resolve your problems in a structured time efficient manner.

Our Specialities include:

  • Backup and recovery
  • Broadband – installation, testing and transfer
  • Databases – reports, data cleaning and migration
  • Hardware failure – diagnosis, repair and upgrades
  • Networks – cabling, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Security protection – firewalls and best practice
  • Software – advice, installation and troubleshooting
  • Virus removal – system cleaning and prevention

We support businesses on projects, rollouts, branch office networking, POS, design and maintenance / support, as well as Web SEO. Small and handwork companies that need support in building and operating thieir IT solutions, are offered a complete service.

Our satisfied customers include small and mediumsized companies and private individuals.

We offer expert advice and professional services. We work with reputable partners and suppliers, to offer you the best service possible.

Service & Advice – comprehensive complete service for you and your IT.

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